About Dr Yanna Rider

Yanna Rider has over ten years’ experience designing and delivering training in Australia, the UK and the US, working mainly with intelligence agencies.  She holds a PhD in Philosophy from The University of Melbourne for work on cognition (mental representation) and is a member of the International Association For Intelligence Education (IAFIE).

Yanna is a dynamic facilitator who consistently receives praise for her subject-matter knowledge, ability to communicate complex ideas simply and engagingly, and informal and approachable style.

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Client Testimonials 
‘When I completed the evaluation form at the end of the…Program, I did not rank the program that highly. However, after I had reflected on it overnight, I think it was quite beneficial. This was highlighted on a couple of occasions over the following days, such as when I was sitting in on a high-level meeting and observed [Division Head, name removed] cutting through a confused discussion using techniques similar to those we’d learned. I’ve realised I not only learned some strategies/techniques, but also learned some of the language/approaches used by the executive.’
EL2, Australian government policy department)
‘I would like to say how much I enjoyed the Critical Thinking course this week. I felt as if my brain got stretched – the rusty bits needed some oil – but I found the course very stimulating and I will try to apply what I learnt. It was a pleasure to have such a good teacher – I was reminded of one or two inspiring teachers I had in the distant past, who made their subject come alive and stirred real intellectual response in their students.’
Analyst Department of Defence